Target Name: LOC100128494
NCBI ID: G100128494
Review Report on LOC100128494 Target / Biomarker Content of Review Report on LOC100128494 Target / Biomarker
Other Name(s): uncharacterized LOC100128494 | Uncharacterized LOC100128494

LOC100128494: A Potential Drug Target or Biomarker


In recent years, extensive research has been conducted in the field of drug development and personalized medicine. One crucial aspect of this research is to identify potential drug targets or biomarkers that can aid in the diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment of various diseases. LOC100128494, also known as long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 1494, has emerged as a promising molecule with potentially significant implications in several medical disciplines.

What is LOC100128494?

LOC100128494 is a long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) that is located on chromosome 9. LncRNAs are a group of RNA molecules with varying lengths that do not encode proteins. Despite not having protein-coding capabilities, lncRNAs play pivotal roles in the regulation of gene expression and various cellular processes. LOC100128494, in particular, has garnered attention due to its potential involvement in various diseases and its ability to serve as a therapeutic target or biomarker.

LOC100128494 as a Drug Target

The discovery of effective drug targets is essential for the development of novel therapeutic interventions. By targeting specific molecules or pathways associated with a disease, researchers can potentially halt or reverse pathological processes. LOC100128494 has been implicated in several diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases, making it an attractive candidate for drug development.

In glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, LOC100128494 has been found to upregulate the expression of genes involved in tumor progression and invasion. Targeting this RNA molecule could potentially inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells, offering a promising avenue for the development of anti-cancer therapies.

Furthermore, in cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, LOC100128494 has been associated with the regulation of endothelial cell function and vascular inflammation. Manipulating the expression or activity of LOC100128494 might provide a novel therapeutic approach to prevent or treat these conditions, which remain significant causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide.

LOC100128494 as a Biomarker

Accurate diagnosis and prognosis are crucial for effective disease management and treatment planning. Biomarkers are measurable indicators that can inform clinicians about the presence, severity, or prognosis of a particular disease. LOC100128494 has demonstrated potential as a biomarker in multiple diseases.

In cancers, including colorectal cancer and lung cancer, the expression level of LOC100128494 has been found to correlate with tumor stage and patient survival rates. By measuring LOC100128494 levels in tumor tissues or body fluids, clinicians can gain valuable information about the aggressiveness of the disease and select appropriate treatment strategies.

Moreover, LOC100128494 has also been investigated as a potential biomarker in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Changes in LOC100128494 expression have been observed in the brains and cerebrospinal fluid of patients with these conditions. Monitoring LOC100128494 levels could aid in the early detection and monitoring of disease progression, potentially allowing for earlier intervention and improved patient outcomes.


LOC100128494, an lncRNA located on chromosome 9, has demonstrated significant potential as both a drug target and biomarker in various diseases. Its involvement in cancer progression, cardiovascular disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases suggests that targeting or measuring LOC100128494 levels could provide valuable insights and therapeutic opportunities. However, further studies are needed to fully elucidate the mechanisms and clinical applications associated with LOC100128494. With ongoing advancements in research techniques and technologies, LOC100128494 holds promise for improving disease management and personalized treatment approaches.

Protein Name: Uncharacterized LOC100128494

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