Target Name: TRP-AGG6-1
NCBI ID: G100189476
Review Report on TRP-AGG6-1 Target / Biomarker Content of Review Report on TRP-AGG6-1 Target / Biomarker
Other Name(s): tRNA-Pro (anticodon AGG) 6-1 | TRNAP24P | Transfer RNA-Pro (AGG) 6-1

TRP-AGG6-1: A Drug Target / Disease Biomarker

TRP-AGG6-1 is a protein that is expressed in various tissues of the body, including the brain, heart, and kidneys. Its full name is truncated reticulin-like protein-aggregating gene 6, and it is a member of the TRP family of proteins. This protein is of interest as a potential drug target or biomarker due to its unique structure and its expression in different tissues.

The TRP family of proteins is characterized by the presence of a nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain (NBD), which is a common structural motif that is involved in protein-protein interactions. The NBD is responsible for the protein's stability and functions as a scaffold to recruit other proteins to the target protein.

TRP-AGG6-1 is a 21-kDa protein that consists of 125 amino acid residues. It has a characteristic NBD that is located at its C-terminus and is responsible for its stability and interactions with other proteins. The NBD is composed of a nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain and a carboxylic acid residue, which is involved in the protein's stability.

The NBD of TRP-AGG6-1 is unique in that it contains a specific sequence that is conserved across various species, including humans. This conservation suggests that TRP-AGG6-1 may have been evolved from a common ancestor protein and may have been involved in the same evolutionary process that led to the development of other TRP proteins.

TRP-AGG6-1 is expressed in various tissues of the body, including the brain, heart, and kidneys. It is highly expressed in the brain, where it is found in the postsynaptic terminal density of neurons and glial cells. It is also expressed in the heart and kidneys, where it is involved in the regulation of ion channels and the maintenance of blood pressure.

The unique expression of TRP-AGG6-1 in different tissues makes it an attractive drug target or biomarker. By targeting TRP-AGG6-1 with small molecules or other therapeutic agents, researchers may be able to disrupt its function and study its role in various physiological processes. This may lead to new insights into the biology of TRP-AGG6-1 and the development of new treatments for a variety of diseases.

In conclusion, TRP-AGG6-1 is a unique and highly expressed protein that is of interest as a potential drug target or biomarker. Its conservation in different species and its expression in various tissues make it a promising target for small molecules and other therapeutic agents. Further research is needed to fully understand the role of TRP-AGG6-1 in various physiological processes and to develop new treatments for diseases associated with its dysfunction.

Protein Name: TRNA-Pro (anticodon AGG) 6-1

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